Howe Sound Secondary Legacy Gifts of Stained Glass

Howe Sound Secondary Legacy Gifts of Stained Glass

What Better Gift? Legacy of Stained Glass Murals

Howe Sound Stained Glass

“Treasures of the Sound”
Stained Glass Window – August 2004

When I asked Judy Bourhis about a commissioned project that had special meaning, she didn’t hesitate: The four installations she created for the graduating classes of Howe Sound Secondary School.

Between the years 2004 and 2009, four installations were made for the school, each approximately 38 inches wide by 40 inches long. The graduation class gave Judy the design inspiration, whether it be the theme for that years’ class or another special theme related to the school. Judy went to work from the designs and ended up with a series of stunning legacies that still grace the halls of the school today.

Howe Sound Secondary

Howe Sound Secondary Stained Glass Mural

“Highway of Dreams”
Stained Glass Window – August 2009

Proudly located on SḴWX̱WÚ7MESH territory, Howe Sound Secondary School is the largest school in the district and the only school to offer grades 10 – 12. The school was originally built in the 1950s, but in 1996 got an upgrade including a brand new gymnasium.

The four stained glass installations include:

  • “Treasures Of The Sound” – August 2004
  • “Cherished Memories” – August 2006
  • “Prom Night” – August 2008
  • “Highway of Dreams” – August 2009

A Teaching Legacy

Teaching is what the Bourhis family does: Judy has ensured the continuation of the stained glass legacy through patiently teaching her craft to enthusiastic Birken residents who are eager to carry on the traditions begun in the middle ages and earlier. Hugh Bourhis was a beloved teacher, first in the small schoolhouse in Birken where he taught grades kindergarten to three and also served as principal. He later taught kindergarten at Signal Hill elementary school, where he was a well loved first teacher for countless students. One signature teaching method included nailing a tennis shoe to a wall, at the perfect height for the kinders to practice their tying skills. It was this kind of hands-on style of teaching that endeared him to his students for years.

Fond Memories of Howe Sound

Howe Sound Secondary Stained Glass

“Prom Night”
Stained Glass Window – August 2008

So creating a series of stained glass for a high school in the Sea-to-Sky corridor was a perfect commission for Judy Bourhis. The themes varied from year-to-year, but always took a bit of Sea-to-Sky culture with them: The Sea-to-Sky highway, the Howe Sound, dancing on prom night and the fond memories of high school spent on the sound near Whistler.

For people like the Bourhis’ creating commissioned installations like this helps define that legacy they have worked so long to create. Thirty-five years of upholding a tradition that, were it not for people like Judy Bourhis, may have become a dying art.

Luckily the students and teachers at Howe Sound Secondary School, and countless others world wide, are able to appreciate this art form for many more years to come.

Looking for Your Own Memento?

Stained glass artisan Judy Bourhis welcomes the opportunity to discuss how she can craft a stained glass memento for you and yours that will be treasured for years to come! Browse our stained glass gallery for inspiration or contact Our Glass Works studio directly.


  • Lee-Ann Boyd


    I have known Judy and Hugh for years and have been enjoying their work and watching them grow and evolve with every year. They are incredibly talented artists and a lovely couple. I bought a very beautiful piece a few years ago and its hanging in my living room. It is one of my very favorites. Their studio is very quaint and very unique with all their beautiful pieces. It is definitely a destination that must be visited. You will not go home empty handed. Once again congratulations and I look forward to your next creations.

    June 2, 2015 at 1:50 am