Howe Sound Secondary Legacy Gifts of Stained Glass

When I asked Judy Bourhis about a commissioned project that had special meaning, she didn't hesitate: The four installations she created for the graduating classes of Howe Sound Secondary School. Between the years 2004 and 2009, four installations were made for the school, each approximately 38 inches wide by 40 inches long. The graduation class gave Judy the design inspiration, whether it be the theme for that years' class or another special theme related to the school....

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Celebrating 35 Years of Our Glass Works

A five-thousand-year legacy. Thousands of years of artisanal craftspeople creating works of art for private homes, cathedrals and public buildings. From ancient practices in the middle east and north Africa, up to Moorish Spain, and across Europe, stained glass works graced windows of some of the most esteemed buildings created. And then, in more austere times, the craft waned, replaced by more sober works and reflections....

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