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Birken, BC, stained glass workshop

Our Glass Works is a retail custom stained glass studio located in Birken, BC. Proprietors, Judy and Hugh Bourhis, welcome visitors to their working studio and invite commission work. Visit and shop in their gallery for home décor or gift giving. Learn more about this fascinating and ancient art form. Consider having a beautiful stained glass piece, created specifically for you.

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Judy Bourhis - Stained Glass Artist


Now, even after thirty-five years, I still find it is all about the stained glass that inspires me. This beautiful and rare specialty glass has been produced and developed over many generations, in sophisticated and talented, international factories. They are still producing this specialty glass, to which I feel privileged to have spent most of my adult life working with.

I have specialized in custom design and craftsmanship, in an effort to create meaningful installations for patrons. Light, placement, and subject matter are all carefully considered for the design, fabrication and completion of pieces that are built to last.

There are many possibilities for stained glass creation. The work is laborious and time-consuming and sometimes, a monumental journey to complete. However, this I believe, is what contributes to its valued collection and historical appreciation.


We are typically open from 11 AM to 4 PM daily but please call ahead to confirm that we are available. Call us at (604) 452-3273

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Our story: stained glass

“Back in the early days, our road was still gravel and there was no power or telephone service,” says artisan Judy Bourhis. It was un-serviced acreage that we moved onto, in 1980. We brought with us, our home on wheels, and skills with stained glass as well as, a myriad of other survival skills. We hung “Our Glass Works” sign and soon purchased a generator for power. Soldering the suncatchers and window works would just have to be scheduled for when all the glass was cut and ready to be put together.

Right from the beginning, our sparsely occupied, neighbourhood, supported their newcomers, by purchasing the unique giftware and art glass that was being produced at the little studio, on the summit. World travellers brave enough to travel the rough road were, and still are, amazed, to find this little “gem” of a stained glass studio, located in such a remote location. Over time, a reputation for quality and exciting glasswork has spread. Now, people come from all over the world, to purchase and commission custom glasswork, for their homes and businesses and, even hide-a-ways of their own.

A commission begins with understanding the dimensions of a project and where the piece will be installed. Clients have brought us tiny sketches or pictures from magazines to give an idea of what they are looking for. After gathering all the necessary information and a drawing fee, I go to the drawing board. I come back to them, with a hand-drawn, full-scale, working drawing for their project and the proposed budget to execute it. With their approval, the project begins, some taking only weeks while others have taken months to create.

If it’s been awhile since you visited Our Glass Works, come again. Service and capacity continue to grow. Enjoy this season’s “New Works” in their studio gallery, or consider having something made, especially for you.

Check out our Stained Glass Gallery to view examples of Judy’s work!


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